Kitchen Team Member

Downingtown, PA


We at Chick-fil-A are looking for individuals who will deliver the highest quality of service consistent with our core values.  A Kitchen Team Members responsibility is to enhance the guests experience in all Kitchen related aspects.  They must assist in executing and delivering 2nd mile service.  We believe that our company provides the highest quality product and this position crucial to the growth and continued success of our company.  To ensure that each guest receives and outstanding experience Team Members must go above and beyond in all areas every day.  Our 2nd mile services requirements ensure a determined approach to food quality, safety and overall customer satisfaction.  In order for an individual to be a fit for this position they must Promote our vision, execute our mission and embody our core values.

Expectations and Requirements.

 -Open availability preferably 5 days or nights a week including Saturdays.  Our hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 6am-10pm. 

-Willingness to learn all areas of operation

-Accountable to all policy standards

-Create REMARKABLE dining experiences for our guests with cold food preparation, cooking, hot product assembly and or other BOH(back of  house) positions

-Prioritize a culture of food safety.

-Ensure BOH inventory is stocked and organized properly at the direction of the AD of Inventory Operations.

-Ensure we are executing proper procedures in order preparation (taste and temperature), hospitality (Create a Moment), fast service, order accuracy, and meal delivery by providing constant attentive and courteous service.

-Ensure BOH consistently meets cleanliness standards including equipment, smallwares, surfaces, shelving, floors and refrigerator.

-Effectively utilize Jolt checklists for procedures, weekly cleaning tasks, and labeling.


Hourly rate: up to $12 for part time and up to $15 for full time based on prior work experience.

Additional Benefits:

Positive, fast-paced, desirable work environment

-All Sundays off

-Complimentary meal for every shift

-Uniforms provided

-Health insurance offered for full time team members

-Paid time off offered for full time team members

-Opportunities for advancement

-Scholarship opportunities available


Downingtown, PA